Secure Tech Guarding

Secure Tech was originally started as a guarding company in 1998 and serviced the industry for 12 successful years. the company now strictly concentrate on “Armed Response” and only supplies guard service to complexes within our area of operation.

The company can offer any complex, big or small, a suitable and affordable security solution. Our aim is to take over the complete security package and add electronic equipment to improve the safety of the residents.

Secure Tech has a strict policy not to employ anyone from the streets and we will always ensure that the guards that are employed are criminally cleared by the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority and the South African Police Service. On accepting a contract we always assess the risk involved and train our staff accordingly. A job description is drawn up to ensure that the clients requirements are met.

Secure Tech has a policy to remunerate all employees above minimum wage to keep them motivated and disciplined.

Our Guarding unit uses the State of the art “GMU”. This is a live Guard Monitoring unit that is used to ensure that the guard is patrolling on time, because this system is live it sends signals to our Control Centre as soon as a guard books on duty, starts a patrol, completes a patrol, fails to do a patrol and when he goes off duty.

The unit also has a built in “Remote Panic” system that allows the guard to call for help when needed.

The system also has the functionality that sends a signal to our Control Centre if the guard does not return from his patrol in a certain time.  This will in turn result in a Armed Response unit being dispatched to investigate the matter

All sites are also equipped with a 2 way base radio for the guard to report any movement or suspicious activities after each patrol.